Tyler Derr

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
email: tyler.derr@vanderbilt.edu

  • Teaching and Affiliate Faculty Member, Data Science Institute
  • Faculty Fellow, Frist Center for Autism and Innovation


Yu Wang

Computer Science PhD
email: yu.wang.1@vanderbilt.edu

  • Vanderbilt Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Scholars Award

Yuying Zhao

Computer Science PhD
email: yuying.zhao@vanderbilt.edu

  • Vanderbilt IBM Fellowship Award

Yi Zhang

(Incoming Fall 2022) Computer Science PhD
email: yi.zhang@vanderbilt.edu

  • Vanderbilt Dean's Graduate Fellowship Award

Co-advised PhD

Yunchao (Lance) Liu

Computer Science PhD
email: yunchao.liu@vanderbilt.edu

  • PhD student in Meiler Lab @ VU


Ben Van Sleen

Computer Science MS
email: benjamin.h.van.sleen@vanderbilt.edu

  • DSI-SRP Fellow (Summer 2021)
  • Computer Engineering & Economics BS


Emily Doehring

Computer Science BS


Shivam Agarwal

Electronics and Communications Engineering B.Tech

  • Remote from Manipal Institute of Technology

High School

Former Members

Norman Jetmundsen

Computer Science BS

  • Frist Center Intern (Summer 2021)

Kaleb Briggs

Computer Information Systems BS

  • Frist Center Intern (Summer 2021)

Aaron Brookhouse

Electrical Engineering BS

  • Remote from Michigan State University
  • Nominated for CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

Xinran (Nancy) Pan

High School Student

  • Summer 2021

Trevor Pillow

Computer Science BS

  • VUSRP Fellow (Summer 2021)

Chet Weissberg

Computer Science BS

  • DSI-SRP Fellow (Summer 2021)

Sam Libaire

Computer Science BS

  • Clark Scholarship Program (Summer 2021)

Ao Qu

Computer Science, Economics, & Mathematics BS

  • Fall 2021

Cole Sawyer

Computer Science MS

  • Fall 2020 - Summer 2021

Kayla Johnson

Data Science MS

  • Awarded the NISE Graduate Trainee Fellowship
  • Spring 2021 - Spring 2022